NO.EL.’s technology optimizes every stretch film production process after extrusion.

Through the investments in R&D,two major cutting edge technologies have been brought to the market in the last 6 years by NO.EL. through the investments in R&D. Both the coreless and prestretch technologies developed by NO.EL. perfectly meet the needs of the market which is driven by cost reduction and the demand for green products with low environmental impact.














Offline technology allows manufacturers to produce coreless film by hand and/or by machine with speeds up to 1000 meters per minute (3280 ft per minute). Coreless re-winding offers plastic film processors a host of advantages: a reduction of costs, no need for the management or disposal of the used cores, a reduction in waste taxes, and the elimination of shipping and storage costs through optimized film footage on a pallet. The system from NO.EL. includes special patented mandrels that allow the finished film roll to eject without the film sticking or twisting. NO.EL.’s mandrel can be used to produce reels ranging from 38mm to 83 mm(1.5″ to 3″) in internal diameter and up to 250mm in external diameter(10″).

The coreless technology is one of the most successful objectives achieved by the NO.EL. R&D department.

NO.EL.‘s coreless in-line winders enable processors to produce stretch film by hand and/or by machine wrap at a speed of up to 700 meter per minute on a cast line(2240 per minute). The width can range from 1 to 3 meters (40 to 120 inches).

Conventional coreless technology presents many advantages:
  • Rapid ROI of the equipment that allows for price or margin improvements
  • Supply chain simplification: the reduction of paper tube supply requirements
  • Cost savings per roll: approx $1 for cardboard material only; in addition to staff time, managing vendors, shipments,etc
  • No waste on shipping pallet: the customer’s pallet contains 100% film product
  • End-user waste reduction: customer is no longer left with a cardboard tube to dispose of after the roll is used
Prestretch: Thin Core-Coreless-PreStretch

NO.EL. has developed a technology to produce coreless pre-stretch film. Currently, it’s available only off line, but the in-line version in now being tested and will soon be launched into the market.

There are many advantages to switching from conventional to pre-stretch film:

  • Prestretch film is easier to use and it requires less tension to be applied and to contain the load firmly
  • Prestretched film uses 65% less film than standard films (in weight)
  • In the same volume, pre-stretched film has 3 times the length of conventional film
  • When disposed pre-stretch film produces half of the waste of conventional stretch film

Prestretch film is produced off-line with speeds up to 1000 mt/m (3280 ft per minute). Films can be pre-stretched in different ratios depending on the quality and characteristics of the film(up to 400%);down-gauging to 6 μ after pre-stretching.
NO.EL.’s coreless and pre-stretching technology has been proved on over 350 off-line rewinding machines worldwide.
In Europe, the actual trend and production forecast foreshadows that the futures of the market is focusing on pre-stretch and coreless film.

In 2006, pre-structured film consumption in Europe was roughly 22000 tons. In 2009, 66000 tons of pre-stretched film were produced(68% hand wrap, 32% machine warp). In 2014, the number will increase to roughly 120000 tons (75% hand wrap and 25% machine wrap).

Introducing “NO.EL. Prestretched“, Stretch Wrap Film manufactured by NO.EL. Technology.
NO.EL. Prestrtetched is an effective hand stretch film which can be used to wrap a wide variety of goods. It is already pre-stretched and so needs less tension and is easier to apply. Crucially it is approximately half the thickness of a standard stretch wrap film.
Advances in raw materials and technology have enabled us to develop lighter films which retain the strength and performance of previous products. As a 7 micron pre-stretched product, less film by weight is required to wrap a given load with NO.EL.
Prestretched which means that ultimately there is less packaging to dispose of.
Additionally, as fewer film deliveries are required there is a reduction in the associated delivery vehicle emissions
NO.EL. Prestretched is 100% recyclable and can be processed through industrial film recycling facilities
If you currently wrap 100,000 pallets a year using a 20 micron film you will be using approximately 60,000 kilograms* of stretch wrap per annum. Wrapping the same 100,000 pallets with NO.EL. Prestretched means that you would use only 13,500 kilograms of stretch wrap
Therefore, over a year you would have 36,500 kilos less to dispose of

An existing customer who is located 200 miles from the supplier’s site and requires 9 deliveries of stretch film per annum.
In a standard pallet of 360 Hand Reels we have 7/8.000 mts. of Wrap Film in 20 microns, in a NO.EL.
Prestretched pallet we have 20/21.000 mts. The lorry delivering these loads runs at 10 miles to 4.5 litres of diesel which means that the carbon emissions for this one delivery point each year is 2.170 kg CO2 equivalent to 395 kgs carbon.
(Source: CO2 calculator, National Energy Efficiency website).

If we had been transporting NO.EL. Prestretched and had been able to deliver the same meterage in just three deliveries.
This would have saved 1.446 kgs CO2 equivalent to 394 kgs carbon.

Introducing “ Noel Coreless “, Stretch Wrap Film manufactured by No.El.
Technology without Carboard Core A greener solution to stretch wrapping needs. All the performance of a standard stretch film but less waste by virtue of the fact that it is coreless. Highly versatile NO.EL. Coreless can be used to wrap a wide variety of loads.
No core means less waste to dispose of saving time, money and effort.
Helps to meet the requirements of the Packaging Waste Regulations
NO.EL. Coreless is supplied with special dispensers to make film application as effortless as possible.

No core – no compromise – no costs
NO.EL. Coreless offers all the qualities associated with standard hand rolls.
A pallet of Noel Coreless is up to 120 kg lighter than a pallet of conventional film
A business using 1 pallet per week can expect to remove up to 4 tonnes of cardboard per annum from their waste stream
The photo opposite illustrates one pallet worth of cardboard cores – 360 to be precise. Times that by the number of pallets you use annually to visualise just how much you could help the environment.