NO.EL. industrial automation, is located in a small town in the North-West of Italy. It is located in a strategic position between Milan and Turin and it’s only 30 minutes far from Milan Malpensa.

Founded in 1983, NO.EL. is dedicated to the development and implementation of industrial technology that addresses every step of the stretch film production process after extrusion, focusing on specialty systems for winding and stretching extruded film. Due to the company’s specific focus and expertise, NO.EL. systems are used by both major and minor stretch film producers throughout the global industry.

Our major strength is the constant investment and focus in research and development, allowing for the implementation of its technologies and the development of new innovations. This has also been made possible thanks to the important relationship that NO.EL. has built over the years with its key clients, working with them to develop new sophisticated systems that are no used in the worldwide market.

NO.EL. Team Management

  • Roberto Pellengo Gatti is the founder of the company and provides the ingenuity and inspiration behind any new technological creation and development. Roberto’s deep knowledge of the stretch industry production process and his innovative engineering skill make him a solid guide for the No.El. R&D and Q&A departments
  • In 2000, Roberto Colombo joined the company and became Roberto Pellengo Gatti’s partner. Roberto’s ability to decipher future trends of the stretch film industry has been critical in directing the company towards new technologies that allow for more environmentally friendly options that do not compromise the bottom line.
  • NO.EL.’s team is composed of more than 25 people, more than a half are dedicated to R&D and Q&A.


  • AEP Industries (USA)
  • BPI (UK)
  • BerryPlastic (USA)
  • Iberhipac (Spain)
  • Hipac (Italy, Spain and Romania)
  • Ergis (Poland)
  • Doxa (Sweden)
  • MIMA (Europe, Australia)
  • Manuli (Italy, Germany, Argentina)
  • Valfim (Brazil, Uruguay)
  • Valfim LLC (USA)
  • Trioplast (Sweden)
  • Eurofilms (U.K.)
  • Polivouga (Portogallo)
  • Vatan plastik (Turkey)
  • Korozo (Turkey)
  • Silvalac (Spain)
  • Scientex (Malaysia USA)
  • Saudia Group